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Does subscription to LoadXtreme expire?

Currently, membership/subscription to LoadXtreme or myLIFE does not expire. However, the system requires that the account must remain active to avoid being automatically classified as Dormant and subsequently deactivated.

How does a LoadXtreme or myLIFE account becomes dormant?

An account that becomes inactive for a certain period will be automatically classified by the system as dormant if it falls under any or both of the following conditions:

Dormancy in LoadXtreme – no loadwallet debit/credit transactions that include, but are not limited to transfer, reload, load, and GRO credits, for 24 months.

Dormancy in myLIFE – no myLIFE debit/credit transactions that include, but are not limited to transfer, conversion, encashment, RMB credits, or DRI credits, for 12 months.

Since LoadXtreme and myLIFE business programs share the same account number but are separate services in nature, the dormancy only applies to the inactive account subscribed to specific service. For example, a dormant myLIFE account does not automatically classifies its corresponding LoadXtreme account as dormant if the LX account is kept active, and vice-versa. In short, an inactive myLIFE account which results to deactivation, does deactivate the corresponding LoadXtreme account.

How would I know if my LoadXtreme or myLIFE account is in danger of becoming dormant?

Monitoring of your account is solely your responsibility. If you are active in the business, there should be no worries of your account being classified as dormant. Additionally, you may refer to your myLIFE or LoadXtreme registration dates in computing for the applicable dormancy period. In any case, you will receive an SMS notification 30 days before your account will be classified as dormant. Note that due to limitations in technology, non-receipt of this SMS notification will not be treated as valid reason to reverse the dormancy status.

What happens if my LoadXtreme account becomes dormant?

A dormant LoadXtreme account shall incur a monthly service fee (MSF) in the amount equivalent to 35 load wallet credits. Once the load wallet balance of the account reaches zero and remains inactive, it will be automatically deactivated.

What happens if my myLIFE account becomes dormant?

A dormant myLIFE account shall initially stop earning credits during the initial 30-days allowance. Afterwards, the account will be automatically deactivated and all existing earnings forfeited.

I thought my membership does not expire, how come I was not made aware of this dormancy policy before?

Expiration of membership and dormancy are two different things. LoadXtreme spends a lot of resources in maintaining a member's account during the period of active membership. Once this account becomes inactive, LoadXtreme continues to spend resources to service the account. By deactivating the account, the system frees up much needed resources for use of active members.

Can I revive my dormant account?

Yes. Members who wish to revive their dormant account must undergo re-training and must pay the applicable re-activation fee. Once these requirements are satisfied, the account will be re-activated with their sales network intact. However, the service fees and forfeited credits cannot be credited back.

Does use of web membership facilities qualify as valid activity to avoid dormancy?

No. Logging-on, browsing, updating of your account profiles are insufficient to be considered as valid activities. Only activities that are related to sales resulting to direct incentives and bonuses, transfers, conversions, or credit encashment will be considered valid activities.

What if the owner of the dormant account is deceased?

Based on our existing policies, an immediate family member must immediately coordinate with the Head Office to undergo proper transfer of account ownership.

To whom can I coordinate regarding my dormant account?

You may coordinate with any of our Customer Service Representatives.

Do I still need to purchase a new LoadXtreme Kit in case my SIM card or phone gets lost?

No. In case you bought a new SIM Card to replace your lost or stolen SIM, just register your new number by contacting our Customer Service and submitting necessary documents.

I used a different mobile phone when I registered for LoadXtreme, can I register my new phone for the same LoadXtreme account?

Yes, you can. However, you need to coordinate with Customer Service and submit pertinent documents, proving that you are the owner of the account.

Is my subscription fully transferable or inheritable?

No, your membership with LoadXtreme program is not transferable, but can be inherited by closest kin in case of death.

Can I have multiple Subscription Programs under my name?

Multiple subscriptions are allowed up to a maximum of three (3). However, please note that LoadXtreme does not give additional privileges or incentives, nor does it provide special preferences to members who willfully buy multiple subscriptions.

What is PIK?

PIK is your numeric LoadXtreme Personal Identification Key. PIK is used for your account security. Please memorize your PIK or put it in a secure place. Do not divulge your PIK to anyone! We also suggest that you change your PIK regularly. Maximum allowable digits for the PIK are six (6). When changing your PIK (LX CHGPIK), you must not include spaces.

Where do I get my PIK?

Your PIK shall be provided to you by the LoadXtreme SMS registration system during your subscription registration process.

I forgot my PIK. How do I retrieve it?

You need to call the LoadXtreme Customer Service department. Your PIK shall be sent to your mobile number registered in our system. Please note that a service charge may be applied to this type of request.

Can I change my PIK?

Yes, you may, and we encourage you to do so from time to time to ensure that your PIK’s confidentiality is not compromised. Please refer to Changing your PIK section of the LoadXtreme Subscription Program Guide.

Can I use other mobile phones to request changes in my account information?

Yes. But for security purposes, we suggest that you avoid doing so.

Can a TechnoUser refer another TechnoUser?

There are certain marketing programs that a TechnoUser should be enrolled to enable this feature.

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What are LX Loads?

LX Loads are LoadXtreme Loads. You may also refer to it as 'load wallet' credits. You can use your LX Loads or load wallet credits to ‘retail’ all listed prepaid products. Each time you retail or sell products, the corresponding WSP (wholesale price) amount of the products will be deducted from your load wallet balance. You may replenish your LX loads by purchasing load wallet credits from Technopreneurs or depositing payments to LoadXtreme accredited banks or bills payment facilities where available. For load wallet replenishment details, click here.

How do I dispense brand-specific prepaid loads to my customers?

You can dispense brand-specific loads to your customers using the LX LOAD command. Please refer to SMS commands section of the online FAQs.

I received a successful loading notification from the system but my customer did not receive the Prepaid Product (PIN-Based, OTA, Insurance). What should I do?

These problems may be caused by telco congestion. Do not send another set of LX LOAD command. By sending an LX RESEND command to the system, you may be able to resend the PIN based products to your customer. Please refer to SMS commands section of the online FAQs. If your LX RESEND command doesn’t work, please notify our Customer Service immediately.

My customer received an error when loading the PIN I dispensed, what should I do?

Re-check the product code you used when you requested the load. You can refer to the LoadXtreme Product and Loading Guide included in your TechnoUser Kit. If you’re sure that the product code you sent and that the parameters you used are correct, call the Customer Service Hotline of the telco operator (included in the Product Guide) and ask for help. Usual errors received during PIN loading are problems related to the operator's own system. However, if their customer service assistants advised you that the load PIN you received are invalid or already used by another subscriber, you can notify LoadXtreme Customer Service to assist you. Here are some steps that must be taken first before calling any customer support:

  • Check the balance of your customer. The PIN may have been loaded already by the same customer.
  • Make sure the product requested matches the service provider.
  • Check the manner how the PIN is being loaded by the customer.
  • Double check the PIN forwarded by the system (There might be an error in copying).
  • Check for possibility of the PIN being loaded by other persons other than your customers by asking the customer if they have forwarded the PIN to other users.

Loading sometimes take too long. Why does this happen?

These problems may be caused by telco congestion during peak hours, especially during holidays. Do not send another set of LX LOAD command.

How do I replenish my LX load wallet?

There are various ways. (1) You can ask from your Technopreneur to replenish your account. The Technopreneur may charge not more than 1% of the credit amount as service fee. (2) You can transfer payment to LoadXtreme via Union Bank Bills Payment facility (OTC and ATM). (3) You can send payments to LoadXtreme by depositing desired amount to LoadXtreme's accredited banks. Please refer to your Quick Guide for more information on these banks.

I have already deposited/transferred payments to LoadXtreme’s bank accounts, but I have not receive my load yet. What should I do?

Check if you have already notified LoadXtreme head office of your payment. Notification is being done by sending the necessary LX RELOAD command to the system. Once the notification is sent, your account shall be replenished as soon as your deposit has been verified. Take note that posting period of your deposit varies depending on bank policies, but commonly, load wallet replenishments via over-the-counter deposits will be credited to your LX account the next banking day. Please refer to SMS commands section of the online FAQs for the proper command format.

What do I do if a LoadXtreme accredited establishment doesn’t recognize or accept my subscription ID card?

Call our attention immediately. Contact LoadXtreme Customer Service Hotline.

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Note: Do not include '<' or '>' when sending your SMS commands


Step 1

LX REG <ID Number> <SAC> <Birthdate> <Telco> <Full Name>

Ex. LX REG 5412345678 1812345678 08-05-1973 SUN JUAN DELA CRUZ

Allowed Telco Codes: SMART, TNT, GLOBE, TM, SUN, and RED

Step 2

LX CHGADDR <ID Number> <PIK> <Complete Address>

Ex. LX CHGADDR 5412345678 123456 1906 Galleria Corporate Ctr. EDSA cor

Ortigas Ave., Quezon City


Change PIK

LX CHGPIK <ID Number> <Current PIK> <New PIK>

Ex. LX CHGPIK 5412345678 123456 654321

Check Load Wallet Balance

LX BAL <ID Number> <PIK>

Ex. LX BAL 5412345678 123456

TO SIGN UP TECHNOUSERS (Technopreneurs with 54-series ID):

LX IREG TechnopreneurID/PIK/Cellphone#/Telco Code*/Full name/Birthdate/Address

Ex. LX IREG 5412345678/123456/09199876541/smart/Jose R.

Potenciano/08-07-1973/Cuatro de Julio, Galas, Quezon City

Note: iREG command is not available to Fast Track Package (FTP) Technopreneurs.


Over-the-Air Electronic Loads (OTA)

LX LOAD <ID Number> <PIK> <Product Code> <Customer Cellphone#>

EX. LX LOAD 54012345678 112233 S30X 09201234567

Variable Denomination OTA (Pa-piso-pisong dagdag)

Available for GLOBE, TM, CHERRY, and KAPAMILYA (ABS-CBN) Subscribers only.

Denomination ranges from 20 to 150 pesos. For denomination lower than 20, use LX LOAD command with applicable Product Codes.

LX OTA <ID Number>/<PIK>/<TELCO>/<Amount>/<Customer Cellphone#>

Ex. LX OTA 54012345678/112233/GLOBE/26/09172042410

Electronic PINs (Card-based prepaid load products)

LX LOAD <ID Number> <PIK> <Product Code> <Customer Cellphone#>

Ex. LX LOAD 54012345678 112233 LEVELUP100 09229224545

for Electronic PIN (e-PIN)

TO RESEND LOADS (For accidentally deleted e-PINs only):

Available only for e-PIN products

LX RESEND <ID Number> <PIK> <Product Code> <e-PIN Serial Number>

EX. LX RESEND 54012345678 112233 S300 87654321


LX INSURE <ID Number> <PIK> <Insurance Product Code> <Mobile number> <birth date: in mm-dd-yyyy format> <FULL NAME>

EX. LX INSURE 54012345678 112233 VSECUR400P 09229224545 08-07-1973 JUAN DELA CRUZ

Note: You may print the Certificate of Cover by entering the Policy Tracking Number (PTN; received via SMS) to


LX EPLUS <ID Number>/<PIK>/<amount>/<e-PLUS Card number>/<Cust. Mobile number>

EX. LX EPLUS 54012345678/112233/500/1408804162445564/09229224545

Note: Minimum amount to load is Php 100, and maximum of Php 2000 (with increments of P100). Subject to P10 convenience fee per transaction (deducted from requested amount).


MedPadala is the first e-GC for purchasing medicines and other medical items. 

To load type: LX<space>MEDPADALA<space>LoadXtreme ID No./PIK/AMOUNT/CUSTOMER CELLPHONE No./CUSTOMER NAME/CUSTOMER EMAIL ADDRESS (optional) and send to your gateway number

For myLifePro Members: QP<space>MEDPADALA<space>LoadXtreme ID No./PIK/AMOUNT/CUSTOMER CELLPHONE No./CUSTOMER NAME/CUSTOMER EMAIL ADDRESS (optional) and send to your gateway number

Load denominations start at minimum of 100 up to maximum of 2,500 MedPadala credits (with increments of 100). MedPadala is available for redemption at any Generika stores nationwide. For more details visit

RELOAD (To notify system of wallet replenishment):

Via BANK Deposit

LX RELOAD <ID>/<PIK>/<Amount Deposited>/<Bank>/<Branch>/<Branch Code>/<Account Number>/ <Date>/<Time>

EX. LX RELOAD 54012345678/112233/ 2500/BDO/ADB Ave/464/00464-01577-57/05-07-2008/11:30:12

Via Smart Money or GCash (Traditional)

LX RELOAD <ID>/<PIK>/<Amount Deposited>/<Smart Money Card No. or GCash No.>/<Ref. or Trace No.>/ <Date>/<Time>

EX. LX RELOAD 54012345678/112233/ 2500/SMC 1234567890123456/987654321/05-07-2008/11:30:12

TRANSFER LOADWALLET (Technopreneur Command only):

LX TRANSFER <Technopreneur ID> <PIK> LXLOAD <Amount> <TechnoUser ID #> <TechnoUser Cell Phone Number>

Ex. LX TRANSFER 5412345678 112233 LXLOAD 2500 6212345678 09172042410

TEXTCARE (available to existing members only):
ID number<space>message...

send to any of the following:

0921-2122191 (Smart);

0905-3787703 (Globe);

0943-5194414 (Sun)

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As a Technopreneur, how do I 'sign-up TechnoUsers?

To sign-up TechnoUsers, use the following SMS command or click here to refer to SMS FAQs.

LX iREG TechnopreneurID/PIK/Cellphone#/Telco Code/Full name/Birthdate/Address

Ex. LX iREG 5412345678/123456/09199876541/smart/Jose R. Potenciano/
08-07-1973/Cuatro de Julio, Galas, Quezon City

Note: iREG command is not available to Fast Track Package (FTP) Technopreneurs.

What is GRO?

GRO stands for Guaranteed Retail Override. GROs are commissions credited to your account as load wallet each time your TechnoUsers dispense loads. However, crediting of GRO is subject to certain qualification requirements.

Are there requirements to earn my GRO?

Technopreneurs are required to replenish a minimum of One Thousand (1,000) LoadWallet credits every calendar month to earn the GRO. Replenishments should be made either via bank deposit/bills payment or load wallet transfer from Independent Business Center (IBC) operators. Also, those who converted their myLIFE credits to load wallet still qualifies as long as they are able to make load sales of up to one thousand (1,000) worth per month.

What happens to my GRO if I fail to meet the requirements?

Should a Technopreneur fails to comply with the monthly requirement, the Technopreneur account shall temporarily stop earning GRO until the requirement is made within that month. If the Technopreneur still fails to meet the requirement up to the next calendar month, all GRO which was temporarily withheld shall be permanently forfeited.

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myLIFE Business Program FAQs

What are the different SMS commands to access myLIFE information?

For Business Center activation


UID means your 10-digit Loadxtreme ID
PIK means your LX Personal Identification Key
SPONSOR_ID is the 10-digit ID of your Sponsor
PLACEMENT_ID is the 10-digit ID of your network structure placement
POS means the placement position which is either A or B


myLIFE ACTIVATE 09171234567/123456/54065498712/54065498712/A

Note: A confirmation SMS message will be sent to you upon receipt of CORRECT command:

Activation successful. Don’t forget to register your PPSC (Product Pack Sales Code).

Activation Code Registration (PPSC)


UID means your 10-digit Loadxtreme ID
PIK means your LX Personal Identification Key
PPSC means Product Pack Sales Code which is a 16-digit code found at the back of your myLIFE activation card


myLIFE PPSC 5412345678/123456/3216549870123456

*You will receive this message:

Your LX Gateway: 09221000147. myLIFE: You have successfully activated your Product Pack Sales Code

Balance Inquiry


UID means your 10-digit Loadxtreme ID
PIK means your LX Personal Identification Key
PPSC means Product Pack Sales Code which is a 16-digit code found at the back of your myLIFE activation card


myLIFE INQBAL 5412345678/123456

Reply :

5412345678 myLIFE available balance : P2,000.00, myLIFE cumulative earnings: P4,000.00

Note :

INQBAL command is subect to 2.00 SMS charge. In case the account has insufficient balance, no system reply will be sent.

Points Inquiry



myLIFE INQPOINTS 5412345678/123456

Sample Reply :

Team A : 0 GSP, Team B : 800 GSP, Cumulative GSRL (1-8) : 482,000, RANK :


Note :

INQPOINTS command is subect to 2.00 SMS fee. In case the account has insufficient balance, no system reply will be sent.

myLIFE Encashment Request


UID means your 10-digit Loadxtreme ID

PIK means your LX Personal Identification Key

AMOUNT should be minimum of 1000 (no comma)

REQUEST_TYPE is currently set at CHECK

DESTINATION should be any authorized check pickup center. Currently PALAWAN or MANILA only.


myLIFE ENCASH 5412345678/123456/1000/CHECK/MANILA

Sample Reply :

Successfully sent a request for encashment.Your check will be available on Fri.(--/--/2009)3:00pm Your Refnum is 565-xxxxx, pls keep this for future reference.

Conversion of earnings to LX loadwallet



myLIFE CONVERT 5412345678/123456/1000

Sample Reply :

Your LX Gateway: 09221000147. Request sent for conversion of P1,000.00 from myLIFE 5408033888 to LX Loads.. RefNum:00000910

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